Hey Friends, David Abbott here writing about my experience shooting the legendary Rick Springfield and the dynamic new Sony music duo called "The Sisterhood Band". It was another stellar day of shooting for the tv series, "The Song" shot at TGL Farm.

When I was young, my sister and every other girl her age had a crush on Rick Springfield. He was one of the first real actors that actually made it as a rockstar. He still exudes his own style and coolness. He didn't know me or my work prior to this shoot and I could tell when he stepped on set that he needed to ease into shooting. No telling how many photographers have stood in front of him over the years, hoping to capture his handsome looks. Once showed him some of my frames, he took a deep breath and smiled. He said, "Wow, OK now I can see I'm in good hands", so he really settled in and started to enjoy the shoot. I really wanted to keep the sharp hot edge lights for separation and form, but I tripled the 216 soft paper on my porcelan beauty dish. The result is always so soft and stunning. Rick would give me a few looks then pause, then bring a few looks, then pause. I really appreciated his work flow. It was thoughtful and he started from within. He was truly emitting emotion. That's the sign of a truly experienced artist. Once we felt like we had all the solo shots we needed for Rick, the magical duo "THE SISTERHOOD BAND" stepped into the studio. From the minute they got there till the shoot was a wrap, they brought the party. They were so much fun, happy, talented and beautiful. Our director, Trey Fanjoy told me they were awesome and to expect a good time. Rick was obviously having a good time too.

"THE SISTERHOOD BAND" is Ruby Stewart and Alyssa Bonagura. They both have amazing musical lineage... Ruby is the daughter of rock icon Rod Stewart and Alyssa is the daughter of Kathie Baillie & Michael Bonagura (the core of the country band Baillie & The Boys). These girls can rock the house!!! Seriously, they took the day over the top for all of us! When they came in, I shifted to my double baffled Westcott Zepplin para light modifier. I absolutely love the quality of light I get with the Zepplin.

Mandy Burnett is the lead hair and make-up artist on this series and she did an excellent job with their style. I really turned this high key lighting to the max and loved it. By the end of the session, there was an excellent vibe and rapport between us all. Damien and Krista came in for me to get this group shot. You can just feel the happinesss.

I must admit, I didn't expect Rick to still have such strong vocal chops after all these years of touring, but I was simply blown away with his delivery on this show. He really sounds awesome. The Sisterhood Band harmonies were off the chart. Trey had a blast directing them doing "Jessie's Girl", "Don't Talk To Strangers" and "Love Somebody".

Rock on Rick Springfield! Thanks for an awesome shoot. I hope you continue sharing your music and I can't wait to see how "The Sisterhood Band" takes the world by storm!

Thanks for reading,

~David "Doc" Abbott

all photos by DAVID ABBOTT

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