This shoot was a blast. There's lot of connection in my life to Lonestar but this was the first time I ever had them in front of my camera! This was one of my favorite stills from the shoot and I think it was one of the first three images I took that day! Classic setup for me using the 59" westcott Zepplin modifier, 1600w strobe, low angle body box with two back edge strips. I put a red party gel in to create that colorful edge.

This story starts all the way back when I was in college. I went to The University of North Texas. I was running stage lights and backline for a few honky tonks around town, but I took a job at the hotest bar as a bartender. At the time, Keech Rainwater was the manager of the bar and hired me because he was leaving to go play drums on the road. That was about 28 years ago! Another cool fact about this shoot for THE SONG is our director is Trey Fanjoy on this series also directed the Lonestar music video for "Amazed"! It was the longest running number one in history. It really blew all of their careers up!! So it was great for all of them to come together and make this show after all of these years. At the end of the shoot I got this cool bts shot of Trey with the guys:

This shoot day we had excellent weather all day. We started in the photo studio. These guys have done a million photo shoots, so I didn't have to do much directing of the talent. They just fell into place and knew excatly what I was trying to accomplish. I love working with artists that get right into a rythm with me. It's difficult when you keep taking the same image over and over because they aren't changing it up... Lonestar knows how to get it done! We only shot in the photo studio for about 15 minutes.

Hair and Makeup superstar Mandy Burnett did all the grooming for this shoot. I think she's also been working with them for a long time as well. She did a stellar job as always. Here's a shot of her working on Dean (he's one of the funniest artists ever):

I always ended each of the photo sessions by adding our incredible show hosts to the shot, Krista Marie and Damien Horne. I have grown to love them for so many reasons, but the way they engage everyone and bring happiness is always contagious:

A special guest was also on this shoot, the one and only Jim Messina! He's an amazing producer/writer and solo artist but you my also remember him from his duo days as Loggins & Messina (with Kenny Loggins). Jim Messina wrote the acclaimed smash hit "Your Mama Don't Dance".

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